written by Mr Preneed

Your funeral home is no different than any other small business in that your ability to succeed is still dependent on the same basic principles. Today, I want to talk about three of those key success principles as they relate to the future of your funeral home business.

First, you cannot react slowly or after-the-fact to key trailing indicators that affect your business.

Second, you must act decisively on predictive indicators. Whether this in a defensive or more assertive growth-minded pursuit, the key is that you don’t ignore these indicators like most small business owners do. Maintain awareness and vigilence and act fast when needed.

Third, to the extent that it’s possible, you must also be constantly working to control these predictive indicators. And that’s what I want to talk to you about briefly today.

One of the most important, powerful and ignored aspects of any funeral business is your pre-need funeral sales program. Because let’s face it, for most funeral homes, your pre-need program represents the future of your funeral business. Pre-need sales create guaranteed future business because the majority of folks who invest in pre-need end-up using the same funeral home when the final need arises. Sure, they can go anywhere, but most of the time they don’t.

In addition, and as pointed out in this interview with Josh Rae from Golden Considerations, depending on how you might decide to strucure your pre-need business, pre-need sales can also generate a lot more immediate commission when you work with Golden Considerations to choose a carrier and related products that serve your families more effectively and also put more money in your pocket today. Money you can use to invest in your business.

I encourage you to listen to that interview with Josh. It’s revelaing and important to consider. And if you’d like to set-up a pre-need business review, you can learn more about how this 15 to 30 minute conversation will benefit you here.

You can’t control everything.

Heck, you can control very little. That’s why it’s so crtical that you approach your business like a neurosurgeon.

But right now inside your funeral business, you can in fact control your decision and decisive action when it comes to your pre-need funeral sales program.

You have a choice today that will affect the future and legacy of your funeral business for years to come.

Because if you’re competitors are working harder on this than you, they are quietly stealing marketshare and adding slowly and methodically to a hidden problem that might not show-up on the books for years to come. There is no way to know for sure what your competitors may or may not be doing but we all know the industry and the profession and the marketplace are changing rapidly in many ways. The significant rise in cremation rates only a small part of that.

As such, one important question remains

What decisive will you choose today that addresses this hidden problem and sets you and your funeral home up for success in the long run?

Everything starts with a simple converstion and review of what you’re doing right now for pre-need sales, and how we can help you accomplish so much more.

Click here to learn more about this pre-need sales business review.