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What does inflation mean for deathcare right now and how you bea able to use this hole in the economy to sell more pre-need funeral services in 2023?

Is it really possible for all three parties involved to benefit from this idea?

Learn how the funeral home, pre-need-agents, and consumers can all benefit from more focus on pre-need.

During this short 7-minute podcast you will also learn the truth about keeping your hard hearned dollars in a trust versus taking the majority of your revenue in commissions and investing them elsewhere in your business. You will also discover just how impactful this choice can be on your bottom line. Are you really content with all your pre-need dollars invested in a trust right now? Inside a market that had its worst year since the great recession?

You do have other options and Josh Rae, executive VP @ Golden Considerations explains in easy to understand ways inside this private interview.

How much pre-need did you sell in 2022? What if you could easily add 10 to 25% to that number? Learn how inflation actually makes it easier for you to do this.

Also learn how and why you should be charging customers for the guarantee of future prices, and why you should do it every time. We can teach you how.

Briefly, we also covered the true and lasting difference between pre-need leads generated online versus those created through direct mail or other-in-person events like lunch & learns.

“We’ve got 800 customers underneath 1100 rooftops and we’ve been doing this for 30 years. The only thing you have to invest to access this treasure of information, sales systems and strategies is partner with us for pre-need. We will handle the rest and customize your offerings so that they fit your business and the families you serve. Every one of our customers is unique, just like you. We personalize your pre-need program from inside your business, instead of you trying to squeeze a limited range of product into the bleeding hands of your families.”

Josh Rae

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-Mr Preneed